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5 Tips for Travelling with Adult Children!

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

It is privilege to be able to travel with your adult children of what ever age- I see many friends who either don't have children or whose children wouldn't dream of travelling with them and I really appreciate their company. I know how lucky I am!

Children differ- my twenty something daughters travel with me and we have wonderful girly time but my twenty something year old son has no interest in travelling with me. The only time we have travelled alone is when we got stuck in a snow storm returning from Dortmund in Germany when he was 15 years old and we spent Christmas together, only getting out on the 27th December and returning to a different UK airport but actually, in spite of it being a stressful situation, which separated us from the rest of the family, it was a precious few days in which we didn't argue. He didn't have to compete with his sisters and I didn't have to nag him about school work. OK, he was 15 and not an adult but I know that this would be a blue print if we travelled together now. He has a girlfriend and we will hopefully travel with him and his girlfriend in the future.

Remember that there may be a time when they have a job that stops them accompanying you or small children.

If they want to, involve them in the planning but remember that some may just want to turn up for a ready made experience.

Boomers will probably have to pay more than Millennials who have the expense of rent, high transport costs and job insecurity but I think it is worth it. It is a chance to relive memories of their childhood and learn more about their adult lives when they may be at university etc.

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